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World Pump Industry Technology Development Status and General Trends

The technical development of pumps, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. Nowadays, history has entered the 21st century. Under the background of the huge demand for high-tech development in the fields of environmental protection, electronics and the world, and the world's sustainable development, many industries or fields including the pump industry. Both have brought about rapid changes and developments in technology.

   In recent years, the technical development trend of pumps mainly has the following points:

   1. Product diversification

   The vitality of a product lies in the needs of the market. Today's market demand is precisely the need to have their own characteristics, to make a difference; it is this, which has created a diversified trend of pump products. Its diversity is mainly reflected in the diversity of pump transport , product structure differences and operational requirements.

   From the perspective of the diversity of transport , the earliest pumps are transported by a single water and other flowable liquids, gases or slurries. Now it is possible to transport solid-liquid mixtures, gas-liquid mixtures, solid-liquid mixtures, until they are transported. Objects such as potatoes, fish, etc. Different transport objects have different internal structural requirements for the pump.

   In addition to the different requirements of the transport object on the structure of the pump, new requirements are imposed on the internal or external structure of the pump in terms of the installation form of the pump, the layout of the pipeline, maintenance and repair. At the same time, each manufacturer has added the concept of their own company in the design of the structure, which has further improved the diversification of the pump structure.

   Based on the overall background of sustainable development and environmental protection, the operating environment of the pump has put forward many requirements for the design of the pump, such as leakage reduction, noise vibration reduction, reliability increase, life extension, etc., which have different design for the pump. Focus or several key points need to be considered in parallel, and it will inevitably form a diversified form of pump.

   2. Product standardization and modularization

   At the same time as the product is diversified, the pump as a general-purpose product, the total amount is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, price competition of products, especially price competition of generalized products is an inevitable trend. In the trend of diversification of products, it is necessary to achieve the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product parts, and realize the modularization of product parts. After the modularization of many components, the diversification of products can be achieved by combining different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts. At the same time, it is only possible to reduce the production cost of the product and the price competitive advantage of forming the product based on the diversification of the product, and the product can be diversified in the product. Based on the further shortened product delivery cycle.

   3. Improvement of the intrinsic characteristics of the pump and the pursuit of extrinsic characteristics

   The intrinsic characteristics of the pump refer to the inherent characteristics of the product, including product performance, component quality, assembly quality, appearance quality, etc., or simply referred to as quality. At this point, many pump manufacturers are currently focusing on improving and improving. In fact, we can find that there are many products that fail to meet the factory inspection results after the factory inspections meet the requirements of the unit. The occurrence of such problems as overload, noise increase, use failure, or reduced life. The problem of the other aspects; the operating point or operating characteristics of the pump in practice, we call the pump's extrinsic or system characteristics.

   When technicians design products, it often takes a lot of thought to improve the efficiency of one percent of a product. If the pump operation deviates from the high efficiency of the design, the actual operation efficiency is far more than one percent lower. Now, the pump production company also supports the control equipment and complete sets of equipment including frequency conversion, and has actually been involved in the pursuit of the external characteristics of the pump. On this basis, paying attention to the centralized control system of the pump and improving the operating efficiency of the entire pump and pump station is a step up in the pursuit of the characteristics of the pump.

   4. Further development of mechatronics

   Just like the development of science and technology, interdisciplinary and marginal disciplines in the field of science and technology are becoming more and more abundant at present, and interdisciplinary joint research is a very common thing, as is the technological development of pump products. Taking the shielded pump as an example, the problem of canceling the shaft seal of the pump must be started from the motor structure, and it is not limited to the pump itself. To solve the noise problem of the pump, in addition to solving the flow and vibration of the pump, it needs to be solved at the same time. The noise of the motor blades and the noise of the electromagnetic field; to improve the reliability of the submersible pump, measures such as leakage protection and overload protection must be added to the submersible motor; the efficiency of the pump must be improved by the use of control technology. All of these indicate that to develop the pump technology level, we must start from the supporting motor and control technology, and comprehensively consider to maximize the comprehensive level of mechatronics.

   5. Accelerated utilization of new materials and new processes

   The use of new materials and processes has been a major factor driving the development of pump technology for more than a decade. Pump materials from cast iron to special metal alloys, from rubber products, ceramics and other non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, have played a prominent role in solving the pump's corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature and other environments. At the same time, the use of new processes, and better use of new materials to the pump components still throughout the pump. Some foreign manufacturers have designed and introduced pumps made entirely of engineering plastics. Compared with pumps made of general metal materials, the pump is not inferior in strength and superior in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Another example is the use of new surface coating techniques and surface treatment techniques to solve the pump's corrosion and wear problems. The further development of new materials and the application of new processes will be more widely used in the pump field.

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